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(w/ 1 Swimmer)



(w/ 2 Swimmers)



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(w/ 4 Swimmers)



(Group *No Reg Fee*)


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Multi-Class Discounts

Purchase two or more classes per week (for one swimmer or by enrolling multiple swimmers) and receive the following discounts:

5% off the 2nd Class/Swimmer

10% off the 3rd Class/Swimmer

15% off the 4th-6th Classes/Swimmers

10% off the 7th+ Classes/Swimmers

All children must be in the same family.

When purchasing multiple classes of differing values, classes are ordered from greatest to least when applying discounts. 

Credits DO accrue (e.g. all 3 discounts would be applied (5%, 10%, 15%) to classes 2, 3, and 4, respectively)..


Bulk Class Credit

Purchases of 12, 24, 36, and 48 class packages will receive the following class credits to be applied to future enrollments:

12 Lessons — $30 off future enrollments

24 Lessons — $90 off future enrollments

36 Lessons — $150 off future enrollments

48 Lessons — $210 off future enrollments

Class Credits are non-transferrable (must apply to same swimmers enrolled in Bulk Purchase)

Entire Bulk Purchase is non-refundable.

Class Credits have no cash value.



Receive a “$25 off next month’s tuition” gift card for each family naming you as their referral to PowerPacked Swimming.

  • Current customers get $25 off of one month’s tuition for each new family naming the current customer as the new family’s referral. Referring family must be a current customer of PowerPacked Swimming. “Current customer” definition: 1) has paid for at least one month of lessons 2) has participated in at least one class in the water with PowerPacked Swimming. Referred family must not have previously swam with PowerPacked Swimming and must enroll & pay for at least one month of lessons.