Meet Nathan - Owner/Founder

Nathan founded PowerPacked Swimming back when his oldest son was trying to learn how to swim. His wife had taken their son to multiple swimming schools with no success. Nathan told his wife, “just give me 30 minutes with him, and he will be swimming.” She thought that he was being crazy! But 30 minutes later, their son could swim and she asked Nathan, how did you do that in only 30 minutes?! He said “it was a power- packed 30 minutes” and that is how “PowerPacked Swimming” began.

Nathan has a B.S. Minor in Physical Education with a concentration in swim. He has been trained in Red Cross and YMCA instructional swim techniques and is WSI certified. He is both a former 5A public high school and T.A.P.P.S swim coach.

Our goal here at PowerPacked Swimming is to get you moving in the water! We focus on three levels: acclimation, buoyancy, and movement. Swimming is not complicated. We want you to be confident in the water, so whether you are 2 years old or 72 years old — we would love to help you gain confidence and get you swimming.