Class Enrollments

  • All classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • All registration fees are non-refundable. 
  • All payments for classes are non-refundable. 
  • All group class availabilities are dependent on MINIMUM ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENT being met. 
  • Class enrollments are not guaranteed in a specific class until a confirmation email is received by the enrolling family. 
  • Current swimmers have priority as it relates to class selection for any upcoming month. 


  • PowerPacked Swimming clients, guests, and swimmers are not allowed in the pool room unless accompanied by a member of the PowerPacked Swimming Staff. 
  • No swimmers are allowed in the pool without direct supervision by a member of the PowerPacked Swimming Staff. 
  • Children may not sit, stand, or play in the pool unless participating in the lesson being taught at that time.
  • Parents are responsible at all times for their children while not in the pool with an instructor.  Please be alert to any behavior that might endanger your child or other children and notify a PowerPacked Swimming staff member immediately.

Media Release

  • We reserve the right to photograph and video any swimmers, clients, or guests attending PowerPacked Swimming lessons and use the reproduction for electronic, print, digital, or electronic publishing on our website, Facebook page, Instagram page, or any other form of digital or print media.


  • Classes will be held even when there is inclement weather and/or evidence of lightning. 
  • Road conditions caused by severe weather may result in a need to reschedule lessons. 


  • Current clients get $25 off of one month’s tuition for each new family naming the current client as the new family’s referral. Referring family must be a current client of PowerPacked Swimming. “Current client” definition: 1) has paid for at least one month of lessons 2) has participated in at least one class in the water with PowerPacked Swimming. Referred family must not have previously swam with PowerPacked Swimming and must enroll & pay for at least one month of lessons.


  • Tuition will not be prorated or refunded for missed lessons. 
  • To receive a class makeup (“makeup token”) a minimum 24-hour notice of anticipated class absence is required. 
  • If a lesson cannot be attended due to extenuating circumstances such as sickness, schedule conflict, traffic, etc., and less than 24-hour notice must be given, a 1-time “extenuating makeup token” is allowed every 3 months from the date of the most recently issued “extenuating makeup token.”   
  • As many as two classes per month can receive makeup tokens, but no more than 14 make-ups are allowed per year. 
  • Makeup tokens expire 60 days after the date of the missed lesson. 
  • Due to class demand, PowerPacked Swimming cannot guarantee Private and Semi-Private lessons will be offered Private and Semi-Private makeup slots, respectively, as these classes require Open Timeslots (completely unscheduled coaches).  Private and Semi-Private lessons may require makeups to be scheduled in Group lessons. 
  • It is the client’s responsibility to find and book make-ups via iClassPro (online portal or App) or submit make-up requests to PowerPacked Swimming in writing.
  • Once a make-up lesson is scheduled with a token, it CANNOT be rescheduled and is forfeit if missed. 
  • Makeup tokens cannot be sold or transferred to other swimmers (even within the same family). 
  • Once lessons are purchased it is the responsibility of the client to attend lessons and/or schedule make-ups per the Make-up Policy. 


  • Student withdrawals must be submitted via the app, portal, or in writing to PowerPacked Swimming by the 19th of the month preceding the desired month of withdrawal. All customer accounts are setup to autopay on the 20th of each month for the upcoming month.  All payments are final, and all payments for lessons are non-refundable. Payment for classes is not dependent on student attendance.  

2 Swim Diapers (1 disposable; 1 reusable)

  • ALL swimmers 2 years old and younger and ALL swimmers that are not 100% potty-trained MUST wear BOTH a well-fitted DISPOSABLE swim diaper against their skin AND a snug REUSABLE swim diaper on the outside of their disposable diaper. 
  • Our recommended reusable swim diapers can purchased at the pool or found online here.


  • All swimmers must be in proper swim attire; no t-shirts, shorts, cut-offs, jeans, etc.


  • All PowerPacked Swimming customers and affiliated individuals will communicate with other customers, PowerPacked Swimming staff, Divetech staff, and affiliates, in a professional and controlled way without any raised tone or volume and will refrain from the use of any disrespectful or impolite words or phrases. Failure to communicate in the manner described may result in immediate termination of services, by PowerPacked Swimming, without financial reimbursement to the offending party or affiliate of offending party. 
  • PowerPacked Swimming is a swim school operating in partnership with Divetech, a separate and autonomous organization that owns the property and building at 5235 Cornish Street. All PowerPacked Swimming clients must be mindful that Divetech operates a separate company, and loud noises in the pool room, restroom, and showroom negatively affect their business. Because noise transfers and echoes easily to the downstairs offices and the easily accessible inventory in the upstairs classroom, the upstairs classroom is reserved for parents without children that may cause any disruption to the staff below

Puddle Jumpers

  • For the safety of your child and because the child flotation devices referred to as “Puddle Jumpers” (Click Here) teach children to position their bodies in ways that work contrary to the teaching methodologies of PowerPacked Swimming, no student actively enrolled in lessons with PowerPacked Swimming may wear a Puddle Jumper at any time, whether at a lessons or on personal time.